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Prefer more individualized attention, or are you uncomfortable in a public class? One-on-one to focus on your concerns (e.g., injury recovery, health conditions, mobility) to maximize your ability to reach your goals.


Individuals can set personal goals is one reason that private yoga can significantly benefit individuals requiring adaptive yoga or therapeutic yoga for injury and illness. Expand your wings and become free of worry, fear of missing out, or the feeling of apathy.


Private yoga accommodates all forms of mobility, including those with wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility devices. 

Our private yoga studio within our facility is a safe and effective location where you can improve your health and mobility in a socially integrated and judgment-free environment. Instead of needing to follow an instructor in a class that may not align with their mobility, goals, or interests, members can set specific goals and plans with their instructor. These could include goals for flexibility, strength, or even meditation. 

This service is available to members at Blue, Green, Purple or Yellow levels, as well as members with no physical restrictions on limitations.

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