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Our color-coded indication system indicates the difficulty/intensity level of the class. It allows you to ensure that the courses you’re signing up for are appropriate for your ability.

Once registered with FTH, we will provide a color level(s) to you after your fitness assessment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (808) 215-8000. 


Using information from client assessments, we have created four levels of ability:


Restricted for members that can work out without limitations, have no fall risk or balance concerns, and can push maximum heart rate intensity. Also appropriate for our non-disabled members that have no physical regulations or restrictions. 


Green-level members can get on and off the floor without assistance; however, they may need some slight exercise customizations. Green participants can move around on their own but may need a slower pace or more time to transition between exercises.


Purple participants can exercise standing or seated, appropriate for those with significant fall risk or other mobility issues, but may require walking poles from time to time and can work out without a care partner.


Yellow participants have required the use of walking aids. Classes will include seated options and a range of customizations for safety as needed. 

Also appropriate for members that require a care partner for chair-based programming.

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