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Our signature personal training program provides you with one-on-one private sessions with one of our fitness therapists. You will receive a personalized fitness program based on your goals under the watchful eye of our experienced fitness therapists. Our focused personal training service will combine high-level conditioning and rehabilitation training programs for non-disabled people from all walks of life. Our talented, certified fitness therapists are ready to help you meet your health and fitness goals. We will take you to the next level or design a world-class training program suited to your fitness needs and goals. We will help you to work smarter, not harder!


Our one-on-one personal training holds you accountable for your goals and your schedule. If you don't show up for your appointed time, we'll call to find out why!


Training Benefits:

Life is full of curveballs, and we often need physical stress release and mental and emotional support. Our one-on-one personal training programs can be your "safe place" in our private studio. Whether you need to discuss vocational or relational challenges, want to brainstorm ideas for reaching specific goals, need a little handholding to keep up with a new eating pattern, or let off steam, this is your spot. As a Lifestyle Management program, we invest in YOU, and all conversations are strictly confidential.

Body Composition:

An InBody composition analysis is a non-invasive measurement of key body metrics to help you better understand our industry-leading technology. We perform a full body composition assessment at the start of your program to use as a baseline measurement, again after 6-8 weeks, and periodically after that. It allows us to measure and chart your progress over time. If changes are not at marker points, we will tweak your program and suggest nutrition guidelines to help you reach your goals.

Core Conditioning:

The "core" of our body includes all the muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis. Thus, we need to strengthen our backs, obliques, and hip flexors in addition to the abdominals. Our therapists help clients develop a stronger core, which then translates into a solid base of support, leading to more power, greater strength, and improved balance.

Balance & Stability:

As we age, balance and stability become increasingly important. Regardless of your age, our fitness therapists will work with you on this vital aspect throughout your workout routines using various stability exercise protocols and tools.

Stress Release:

Who doesn't feel stressed? One-on-One personal training is the perfect way to release some frustrations of everyday life. If our clients come in with furrowed lines on their foreheads, we might throw on boxing gloves and work out in a punching bag for a few minutes. Conversations between you and our therapists are in the strictest of confidence.

Body, Heart & Mind:

Toned bodies are not our only focus. We also train the heart, lungs, and brain! With our one-on-one personal training programs, we pay careful attention to heart rate zones with Polar Club's real-time effort tracking that uses scientifically validated and accurate Polar heart rate monitor technology as well as monitoring breathing tempos of clients and constantly challenging clients with mind-body coordination skills.


When the body works together the results will be excellent!


Nutrition & Integrative Wellness:

With the obesity epidemic at its highest point, people seek successful weight loss plans everywhere. Our therapists realize this does not just mean "exercise." A holistic approach must include nutritional guidance, fitness technology, accountability, cardio and resistance training, mental and emotional improvement, and rest. Working with our therapists provides you with the resources, responsibility, and confidence necessary to be successful.


Sometimes nutrition can be the most challenging aspect when changing wellness. While therapists at FTH can guide in this area, we cannot prescribe a diet. However, over the years, we have developed relationships with nutritionists and quality meal prep and delivery services in the area who can help you with your nutritional needs.

This service is available to our members with no physical restrictions or limitations.

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